NABMW Officers

National Officers 

  • President - Patricia Jackson-Kelley

  • Immediate Past President - Stephanie Dawson

  • V-President Operations  -  Martha Taylor Butler

  • V- President Military Affairs  -  Irma Cooper

  • Secretary - Martha Marshall

  • Treasurer - Harriett Staten

  • Asst. Treasurer - StanLee Richards

  • Historian - Ida Goodwine

  • Assistant Historian - Christine Lewis

  • Assistant Historian - Cheryl Adams

  • V.P. Public Relations - Joyce Hopson


Special Appointments

  • Parliamentarian - LTC (RET) Glennie L Millard, BSN, RN

  • Chaplain - Brenda Threatt

  • Asst. Chaplain -  TBD

  • Membership Chairperson - Blossom Ferguson

  • Assist Membership Chairperson - Lisa Burns

  • Nomination Chairperson - Charlotte Jennings

  • Memorial Chairperson - Brenda Threatt

  • Scholarship Chairperson - BriGette McCoy

Regional Chairpersons

  • North-East Region -  Catherine LaPorte        

  • South-East Region -  Margo Jefferson

  • Central-East Region -  TBD

  • North-Central Region -  TBD 

  • South-Central Region -  Betti Vaughan

  • South-West Region - Charlotte Jennings

If you are a NABMW member in good standings and would like to fill one of the vacancies above, please contact LTC (Ret.) Patricia Jackson-Kelley @ .




The NABMW is now accepting applications for establishment of local chapters. We ask all members, any military women or interested parties who would like to form a local Chapter please read the guidelines below, fill out request form and send the form to NABMW Regional Chairperson of your area or send to

Chapter Guidelines 

You only need 10 members to start a local Chapter. Join us and tell "Your" Story.   

Download copy of Chapter Guidelines and Processes for Establishing an authorized NABMW Chapter