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President's Corner

Dr. Annette Tucker Osborne COL (Ret)

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It is an honor and privilege to serve as the National President of the National Association of Black Military Women (NABMW) formerly known as “ The Black WAAC, WAC, Women In Service.”


We salute our founders who met in the home of Lucille Brown in 1976. They recognized the need to tell the story of the Military African-American population. I am sure they did not envision the growth of the population today. Standing on their shoulders, we express gratitude for their vision and insight to ensure all women in service were invited to be in the organization.


As we move forward our mission is clear – to tell “HERSTORY” as we empower women Veterans to live up to their potential while we remember and honor the giants who have come before us; and identify and recognize the outstanding Veterans, active duty leaders and community leaders who are nurturing and paving the way for our future leaders. We remain committed to community service and to provide positive role models for our youth as we recognize them and all that they are doing to excel. Military women, and Black military women have served in important roles throughout our Nations military history, and we have not done it alone. We have had dynamic and supportive women and men to help share our stories and recognize the outstanding Veterans and active duty leaders who remain committed to Community service.


NABMW must be the Voice of Black Military Women across the nation. Our stories have the power to form history, form policies and law that impact our lives. Our stories have the power to generate funds, support each other, empower new generations and the power to strengthen each one of us.


Our web site will allow the world to learn more about us. We invite women who are not a member, to join us as we continue to embark upon our mission of ensuring that we “STAY FOCUSED ON OUR MISSION,” and to tell “Herstory.”



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