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With God's Blessings We Give Honor to Our Angels



It is the policy and duty of the NABMW to salute all women and men who have made the ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for our country and other countries so that we and others can live a better life of freedom.


We also honor those sister soldiers who have served in our Armed Forces anytime during their life.  We call them "OUR FALLEN ANGELS".  We ask our spiritual "one" to bless each and everyone of them.  We know that they are in a better place.  They are angles now watching over us each and everyday. 


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By Carrie Wynne, NABMW Chaplin

Heavenly Father,


We thank you for all the women who have served and given their lives for our country.  We thank you for the many contributions and sacrifices they have made through your love and guidance.


We thank you for their parents and ask that you bless and keep them in your arms through all their grieving due to those losses. Bless each and every family member and loved one associated with  our fallen soldiers. 


Come into the minds and hearts of every member of the National Association of Black Military Women and help them to grow in spirit and love for one another.  May your spirit reign over us all now and forever.


In the name of Jesus.  AMEN. 

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