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Souvenir Journal Ad



Twenty years from now when your great grandchildren visit our NABMW ARCHIVES or take in an exhibit at their University or stroll through the Smithsonian—they should see YOU and YOUR HISTORY in a well preserved “NABMW 2024 SOUVENIR JOURNAL.” When we do something, we don’t generally think of it as having historical significance. However, everything that you have done and are doing in the military is an essential part of the fabric of this Nation’s Military History. Yours is a proud heritage that must be preserved.


We would like each NABMW member to commit themselves to fill a one full-page Ad in this important historical document. Ask your family, friends and co-workers to contribute to an Ad dedicated to you, a family member or a military person they know. This will assist with your costs. Get your church, social club, civic organization, veteran organizations, and businesses which you support to take an Ad out. Don’t be shy about asking them. Just eight small business card Ads ($25.00 each) will fill a page. You have “sacrificed to serve” on their behalf. We also would like each Chapter to take out a Silver level page AD depicting their chapter activities and accomplishments. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUPPORT.


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